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Women's Empowerment Through Mixed-Media Art
Gratitude Jar Project
Vision Board Workshop

Do you have a moment in your life that has become an obstacle keeping you from moving forward in your life? Is there something holding you back from reaching your full potential? This workshop is an artistic and creative way to face these issues and turn them into something that help propel you forward instead of hindering you. Learn what colors motivate you, and find your power words and symbols. By the end of this workshop, you will have a beautiful piece of mix-media art to help empower you every time you look at it. Price $30 per person. Group rates available.

Wine Glass Painting Project

Sometimes girls just want to have fun. Grab your friends, and design a personalized wine glass. We will be there to guide you in the preparation process and different painting techniques. All materials included. Price $25 per person. Group rates available.

Have an idea for a workshop? Let us know. We would be happy to help.

Create a fun way to remind you to hold gratitude each and every day. In this workshop, you will discover what words and phrases help you to find reasons for daily gratitude. We will walk you through different painting techniques as you create a gratitude jar to use throughout the entire year. Make one for yourself, or your entire family. All materials included. Great for all ages. Price $25 per person. Group rates available.

Pre-Teen & Teen
Empowerment Workshop

This workshop is great for helping one focus on the positive things they feel about themselves and their special gifts. Each person will create a life-size poster of themselves, and fill them with those things that lift them up. After a group discussion about positive and kind attributes we think about ourselves and others, each person will choose which ones they would apply to themselves and others. In larger groups, each person will have the chance to add to their peer's posters as well. It's a great way to bring everyone together. Lifting one another up through art.

Price per person $25. Group rates available.

Make a motivating, daily visual to help keep you focused on your goals.Create a vision for the entire year, the next 5 years, or just the next few months. We will guide you through focusing on the areas of your life where you would like to grow. Remember to bring a photograph of yourself. All other materials will be provided. Great for all ages. Price $18 per person. Group rates available.

Jewelry Making Workshop

Make your own custom piece of jewelry out of genuine leather or suede, and nickel free silver or gold finishings. All materials and tools provided. Price $25 per person. Group rates available.

Cork Keychain Workshop

Create a fun keychain with cork and adornments. All materials and tools provided. Fun for all ages. Price $18 per person. Group rates available.